Fluffed & Buffed

(Last Updated On: April 25, 2021 @ 11:10 pm)


Earlier this week I was taken to get what my owners were calling “Fluffed & Buffed”. I didn’t know what that was. I came out smelling all funny & I was too clean. So I made sure to get myself dirty again.

When I was being abandoned there by my owners, a bigger & older version of a Havanese who looked just like me came in. So I had someone to woof to…

My owners took some pictures of my on a bedspread after I got back, but I blended in too much. And my eyes looked really bad in those pictures because they took out all the “yucky” stuff & they hurt.

So here are some pictures of me on my green outdoor carpet one meal after I got back from my Fluff & Buff. They put a pink bow on me when I was there.

I’m supposed to go back for another “Fluff & Buff” in a few weeks. I’ll make sure that I get all dirty again.

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