Hanging out with Cooper

(Last Updated On: April 26, 2021 @ 9:24 pm)


A few days after I got Fluffed & Buffed, my owner parents went out to get some people food. My owner daddy noticed a doggy in a parked car who was being held & asked the doggy’s owner to roll down his window. It was a 10-month old Havanese, who also came from Royal Flush Havanese named Cooper.

Cooper has a different mommy & daddy that me – his parents are Daisy & Donald. Now, I was confused, because I thought that her mommy was my friend Daisy, but it is a different Daisy…

My owner parents setup a playdate for my to hang out with Cooper. We had a lot of fun & never stopped playing! And it made it very difficult for my owner daddy to get any good pictures.

Here are some pictures of us playing – click on them to make them bigger.


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